There is a spectrum of offshore outsourcing companies.

At one end are the fly-by-night operators. With the offshore owner-managed providers, you become frustrated because they have a bias to communicate in writing because their local accent is heavy, their English communication is poor, they have no ear for neutral English-speaking accents when recruiting your agents, they are under-funded, telecommunication issues recur and they are just unreliable. Contracting with an offshore company has its dangers.

At the other end are the large BPO corporations. So vast at 2,000+ seats, you become frustrated because you can’t secure the service you need. You are an anonymous client, hardly worth their time and so you’re given a low-level account manager who is not driven, not experienced, not articulate. They give you lack-luster service. They don’t go the extra mile.

Tonkin Corporation is different. We are boutique so our leadership is close to you. You gain at least weekly interaction with the owners who are Australian-Americans. We understand your priorities, your needs, your way of communicating, your culture. We are well-resourced so you can be assured of business continuity and accountability. You contract with a United States company.

We are exceptionally good at data verification and inbound customer service. We boast proprietary systems to achieve those needs at an efficient speed, sound quality and at a price which will make you more profitable.

In the wake of all the alternatives, if you want to know why we’re different in just a few words, those words are professional, high-quality, reliable and trustworthy.