Ironclad, no-risk promise.
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We approach the trial as a period for settling into a commercial relationship. You do too. We want to know whether you will be a good fit for us, whether you will value our high-quality service. We believe life is too short to persist in serving clients who do not value our meticulous care.

And we believe a first-time trial is a very good place to determine the chemistry. So, prior to starting, we offer all clients the following Quality Guarantee.

We offer you the following Quality Guarantee.

I f you are unsatisfied at any time during the trial or pilot program, if you can honestly say we did not provide a high-quality or useful service, Tonkin Corporation will waive the entire fee for the trial. There will be no questions asked. We rely on your honesty. If you are not happy for any reason, you will not pay.

We feel that if you are not happy early on, we will never be able to make you happy.

However, if you feel the service was high-quality or useful, if on balance you are satisfied, then you will undoubtedly feel the agreed price is fair and pay it. And so the relationship commences.

History shows you will not need to rely on the Quality Guarantee.

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