Here’s a guaranteed way to alienate your customers. Decide that your customers are not worth a live answering service! That’s right. Make it hard for them to talk to you. Slap an answering machine on your main line instead or, worse, one of those dreaded interactive voice response (IVR) systems ... “Press 1 for accounts payable, 2 for accounts receivable, 3 for new sales, .... 86 for the staff directory.” Watch your customers walk!

Then again, you know exactly how this feels. You hate reaching an impersonal computer prompt too.

You fully appreciate that having a live answering service is far better but you just can’t afford to do this. Receptionists and customer service staff are expensive after all and you need to keep costs low. You are squeezed between those old competing dilemmas of quality versus price. If only a live answering service were affordable.

Fortunately, a live answering service is within reach. Tonkin Corporation’s agents are highly trained to answer your customer’s inbound calls in a neutral English-speaking accent and handle whatever questions your customers have. It’s all done in an upbeat, helpful and professional tone. Your customers feel valued, they are given the information they need, their problems are resolved and they are put in touch with the people they need to reach.

Here are the instant advantages of Tonkin Corporation’s outsourced live answering service:

  • SAVE MONEY. Our live answering service is fulfilled offshore and is therefore more affordable than employing receptionists and customer service staff in your own country.
  • ENHANCE YOUR BRAND. Your customers will love the superior service. They will notice you’re not shepherding them into those infuriating queues and not-quite-appropriate menu options. Sure enough, day after day, you grow your brand equity because corporate reputation includes how you treat your customers and the consequential loyalty.
  • COMMUNICATE QUICKLY. Interactions are simply faster between your company and your customers. Answering machines and IVRs are communication bottlenecks.
  • RESOLVE COMPLAINTS. Our live answering service agents actually resolve complaints. Machines .. well, they’re machines.
  • GAIN REPEAT BUSINESS. A live answering service is a substantive point of contact and an opportunity to earn repeat business. Customers don’t buy from answering machines and IVRs.
  • MANAGE EMERGENCIES. Time sensitivities are handled more appropriately with a live answering service.
  • GROW AND SCALE. A live answering service can be implemented 24/7, across multiple time-zones, with the scale you require and none of the technical bugs or bottlenecks which occur with machines.

As if to demonstrate this point, Tonkin Corporation was approached by a US distributor of a fast-moving consumer product. This company was about to put its range into 250 stores in Australia and New Zealand. In order to show faith to their new outlets, they felt it imperative to offer a 9am to 6pm live answering service across four time-zones from Auckland to Perth, seven days a week. We recruited and managed the team which provided the live answering service coverage, answering inventory queries from the store employees on behalf of their end consumers. Our client won significant brownie-points with their retailers and the retailers were better able to communicate with their consumers. While our client’s headquarters was closed for business in the US east coast, Tonkin Corporation’s live answering service agents were working for them in the Australian and New Zealand markets, helping them grow. High-quality, reliable, professional, trustworthy. Job done!

Now, you too can have a high-quality, brand-enhancing live answering service. Complete the form on this page to get your FREE proposal. Tonkin Corporation will have a tailored ‘live answering service proposal’ to you within 24 hours.