Facts you should know about us.


We believe trust is the result of high-quality, reliably delivered, in collaboration.

We dramatically increase your profit with professional call center solutions.

We offer outbound and inbound.


  • Tonkin Corporation is an outsourcing company. Our services include high-volume, recurring business processes which we perform with greater speed, efficiency, accuracy and quality than you can in-house. Clients come to us because they need to lower their costs. They want more profit. We make that happen.
  • There are many huge outsourcing companies. Tonkin is boutique and that’s good because it means you receive professional, high-quality service. You’ll never fall through the cracks as we hear often happens in mammoth, soulless providers with their interposed layers of supervisors who don’t care.
  • There are many fly-by-night outsourcing companies. Tonkin is well-resourced and boasts an experienced leadership team.
  • If you want to know who we are in just a few words, those words are professional, high-quality, reliable and trustworthy.
  • The result for you is greater profit.


tonkinKenelm Tonkin Chief Executive Officer

Kenelm Tonkin is the Chief Executive Officer of Tonkin Corporation. He entered business life in 2000 by launching Law & Finance, a boutique conference specialist. That enterprise grew to become a multi-channel, multi-industry B2B information company offering publishing, events and digital properties operating in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. The multinational, multi-division group Tonkin Corporation emerged under his leadership and his achievements were recognized by BRW Magazine and RMIT University: 58th fastest growing Australian business in 2004, 21st largest start-up in 2005, 110th fastest growing business in 2005, 47th in 2009 and 26th fastest growing Australian business in 2010. In 2007, Kenelm divested to a listed company. In 2008, he relocated to the United States to pursue new business opportunities and was granted permanent residency to the United States for his ‘extraordinary ability in business’ in 2012. In 2010, Kenelm spun-off a marketing data management company and, in 2011, parlayed that into the current business process outsourcing offering. In 2015, he launched List Marketeer. Kenelm is an in-demand public speaker and prolific writer on business matters including, from 2011 to 2013, as a featured columnist for the prestigious Australian Financial Review. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Kenelm worked in the law, politics and business media.

tonkinAndrew Allen Chief Information Officer

Andrew Allen is the Chief Information Officer of Tonkin Corporation. He brings specialist skills forged from deep experience across the business process outsourcing, data management, air travel, medical device and steel production industries. His responsibilities include strategic planning and implementation of the Company’s information technology and telephony systems. Andrew has led teams to create technical systems for call center roll-outs. Amongst the services provided by the technical team under his leadership are VoIP, IP-based software PBXs, predictive dialers, soft phones, IVR, DDI/DID and SIP. Andrew is an expert in eight computer languages and is experienced in Windows, Mac OS X, embedded computer systems and high-performance Unix and Linux web server clusters. Andrew’s technical proficiency is built on 20 years experience as a software engineer, development manager and R&D director, primarily in the air travel industry during which he distinguished himself by creating the global flight information system relied on by more than 200 million passengers annually. As early as 1992, Andrew developed software for medical devices and process simulators in the steel production industry. His strategic planning and implementation skills have been used as widely as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States. Andrew was conferred double-degrees in computer engineering and computer science.


Tonkin’s 250 seat operations center is located in downtown Makati, Philippines, the world's offshore outsourcing capital. Clients fly into Manila and stay in any of the surrounding 5 star hotels. Employees love the proximity to major transport hubs.

The center is state-of-the-art. It is wired with the latest technology from enterprise-grade lightning speed VoIP to telephony redundancy to predictive dialers to customized software designed for successful call center operations. If your need are purely voice, we do more than the basics.

Clients with sophisticated data-centric needs gain comfort from Tonkin’s three pronged data protection strategy. First, we shield your information from external threat through the latest encryption technology to Internet banking security standards. We deploy stratified firewalls, intrusion protection systems and routers configured to industry best practice to counter the threat of unauthorized electronic access. Second, we have blockaded unauthorized access through internal networks by implementing a security-grade firewall. Third, we have adopted a dispersal strategy to protect your information from natural disaster, physical damage and other business continuity risks by strategically positioning the enterprise-grade, climate-controlled server bank hosting your information in three geographically dispersed, low environmental risk locations.

Finally, running like a thread through the entire center is our proprietary call center and data management systems. If you need a quickly implemented call campaign, we can create your calling scripts, script logic, tailored reporting and import your dialing lists swiftly. If you need a comprehensive data management platform, we can create data silos, customized filters, data segmentation, data management and reporting in very short time. These web-based interfaces give the entire operations center the cohesion and reliability you need.

In short, Tonkin’s operations center is modern, fit for the purpose and institutional grade.